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Martha's HomeMISSION

To provide homeless women and their children with shelter and support while guiding them towards a lifestyle of self-sufficiency.


Assist residents in developing skills and resources that will facilitate their becoming independent. Although the stay is temporary, it is hoped that the knowledge and support systems gained by clients while residing at Martha’s Home will become a permanent part of their lives.

Martha's HomeFor over 3 decades, Martha's Home has provided shelter for single women and mothers with children who have become homeless as a result of various traumatic reasons. The shelter is dedicated to using all available community resources in order to assist women with personal and spiritual growth, education, employment opportunities, and successful management of their daily lives.

Through the years, Martha's Home has grown from a small two-bedroom house to five residences. One home is for single women, two for mothers with children, and two for transitioning to more permanent housing. The average number of clients served by Martha's Home per year is 95 women and 100 children.

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1987 - A group of local Amarillo citizens became concerned about the growing presence of women and children who had need for temporary housing. To meet this need, Church Women United donated $250.00 and this was used as seed money to start a women's and children's homeless shelter. They named this shelter Martha's Home after Martha in the Bible, who was known for her spirit of hospitality and service to those in need. The first Martha's Home consisted of a 2-bedroom house located near Washington and I-40.

1988 - The David and Mary Mullin family donated a larger, 5-bedroom home, and Martha's Home moved to a permanent location at 1204 SW 18th. A "Specific Use" zoning permit was submitted and approved by the City of Amarillo in June 1989. This permit limited the number of residents to 10 women.

1992 - The second residence, located next door to Martha’s Home 1, was acquired. This residence is known as Martha's Home 2 and can hold up to four women and their children (a total of 16 residents). Those women who have dependent children living with them reside at Martha's Home 2.

2005 - A grant was awarded by the Mary E. Bivins Foundation to purchase a 3rd residence on 18th Street. The home was renovated by volunteers and opened in May of 2007. This residence is set up to house 3 single women or 3 moms and up to 7 children - a total of 10 residents. Only those women who have shown responsible behavior while staying at Martha's Home 1 or 2 will be allowed to live in the Bivins Cottage, known as Martha's Home 4.

2010 – With the help of donors and community support, Martha’s Home was able to purchase the property next door to our other three homes. This acquisition came with an incredible offer from the Texas Panhandle Builders Association.  TPBA enlisted the help of over 50 companies who volunteered their time, products, and services to level the existing property and build the brand new 4-bedroom, 3-bath home, big enough to house four additional homeless families.  Martha’s Home 3, opened December 1, 2011, and is named the Brian Watson Home for Families, in memory of the past president of the TPBA Remodelers Council.

2017 - Martha's Home celebrates 30 years of helping to give homeless women a second chance at a successful life. We continue to grow and work towards achieving our mission and are happy to announce the purchase of a 5th home! With the help of our community, this home will be ready for it's first residents in the Spring of 2018. If you would like to help in transforming this house into a home, please click here to give a tax-deductible gift.

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